M 4

My trust
M 4
Carrying me from now on
In both directions
Who cares
I am a free time
A transparent wing opened over the unpredictable
I missed the North
Let’s go copiously to the South
Penn Station in the heat
Alone and confused with the driver who laughs
And will drive me back to my Far West in a few minutes
Fifteen to stay precise
I’m waiting very quietly in my state-coach
I’m the forgotten queen
I ask him if I could fly
It’s a nice place to wait for the takeoff

Bus, good bus
Like a dad, a horse without any saddle
A piece of my disrupted appetite for real
My belonging
M 4
Almost only for me as it is only for this one, this one
A nest of jumping creatures
With implant cell phones sweating their past night
M 4
My puzzling home
M 4
My social survey
The bottomless well of my bottomless curiosity
My hope of catching the invisible
M 4
A bouquet of unbelievable polychromatic asses
How quickly one takes habits
 My inoperative tenderness wraps the punching machine
M 4
Here, there,  Broadway as my main street
Starting after one week
To know I will say Hello soon to someone
My resolute driver to everywhere
The density behind the glasses
Absolving this complete and lightly stunning greed
To last.