Adam's lost orchard

In my memory stays an apple
It's a key
It once opened the wide space of unknown possibilities
I want them all
I want to taste the hundreds of apples man's obstinate talent created
Not the apple I'll recognize and that will make me fall asleep
While listening to its doctrinal savor
I  want the illicit ones, the small ugly ones
The unbearably acid ones, the tragic ones
The ones everybody forgot
That still feed our ancestors' hunger
I want to bite into these old ladies' patrimony

And feel the ravaging effect
Of their freedom on my teeth

Apple, sweet forgotten apple
Bring your vacant inheritance to me
Stay alive and different
Stay the key to the margin
And to the right of wandering
Here and there
In the ransacked garden of our singularities
I don't need the same sweetness my sister needs
I don't need the same perfume I needed yesterday
Allow me to travel in different pieces
Allow me to stay surprised as the only way to stay

I don't need to be forced to eat you
Because you're left alone in the forest

I'll feel alone as well if I do
I don't want you to feel obliged to taste good
Because you were once designed to taste good

Apple, sweet apple, mutiny your insipid genome
Don't stay square and flat
If you need to be plump and crumpled
Stay strange and blue
Stay pink and deregulated
Let me think I still can be surprised
While I bite into your juicy flesh
And offer it to the baby girl who'll come next
I want her so much to feel surprised too