Q’Antity Schlessinger’s grocery store.

Your shoulders oscillate
You carry the whole family in the bags of your concern
Today is fine
Your hips find that, today
The world’s weight must have changed

Today is a bit heavy but fine 
When you pass along the shops
The dream land
The only thing you see is your own shadow

And the thoughts crossing your mind
Make the noise of the excavator
Down bellow
Digging all day long for two weeks
Into the projects of a better life for us all
You feel like you’re seeping out
Leaving a whole empty space
Available for the town’s major exhibitions
You lost your yellow pages
You feel like you forgot something a long time ago
You don't remember where
Here, however, you could have heard the chamber orchestra of your pride

While watching the others speaking for yourself
You think it was once an open world you could look at
Through the shah window of Mum’s kitchen
Now, you lose yourself everyday in yours
Staying up in front of the fridge
And asking your parrot
If he ever could do it for you
Open the door
Look at what’s left
Take your purse
Go downstairs

Buy what’s missing
And keep on living
Instead of you
Now this is what you see outside
All these people living instead of you
You don’t really know if you can rely on the lady
Behind the window there
She looks at you and you become a womb
But she helps you thinking you still can count on someone
You thought you could count so easily
The only number you stumbled upon
Is the one of your children
When they run about in the corridor
You want to sing
To sing them a song that came out one night
While you couldn’t sleep
But they don’t listen to your songs
They don’t listen to anything you could create
They only look at you as the one who created them
Once, and it seems such a long time ago

And it seems enough
Stuffed in your belly
Your kids' heads will abandon their home work
For their promise land
The bags are sometimes heavy
And so is the world
But you forget all about it
Unwrapping and swallowing it

Dunked in your soda.