I’ll sleep on Madison Avenue’s pillows

Some instant privacy that can be described
Some rare privacy that cannot be explained
The cars are the same and so am I
But the shops twinkled
As if they would remain opened
All night long for me
And maybe they would
The street lamps twinkled
As if they would be lightening up the sidewalk
All night long for me
And maybe they would
Immediately, I felt secure

As soon as I reached the name, up above
Madison Avenue
Is someone waiting for me?
The name, some breeze
Mysterious connections between width and height
My body being strangely enfolded in the middle
The hemmed sounds
The hemmed air
Each day, I was coming back to Madison Avenue
Like some other came back to his familiar island
After a thirty years long voyage
My Odyssey was all around and I met many mermaids
My feet were swollen after such a long travel
I had to give some junk food to Polyphemus
And I sincerely regret it
But Madison Avenue finally offered
The weaving of the well-known place
Instantly blue-eyed road
This is the hero I would like to follow
Who will feel at home
In each unknown but secretly protective avenue