PolyVinylChlorid Hotel

Kiss my forehead I’m so tired
I need an exit
I’ve been walking for hours
But I couldn’t find a hole in the crate
I want to get out
Forgive my exhaustion
I've been drinking toluene all night long
You cannot dispense any freshness
My dress is too tight
The muscles are slowly disintegrating
I’m becoming a source of methanol
Don’t stay related with my sandals
They refine the ground in a too brutal way

I walked and walked
Trying to find an exit
With my rather irritated third eye
A clean tissue to cry in
I thought a few hours ago
There were things like

I am

Kiss me but be cautious
My polypropylene memories yanked my equilibrium
I thought we could
I still do this from time to time
I do it, don’t be concerned
Give me some time, I have to chose in which container
I chew a benzene oligarchy all day long
Could it by chance be a little too late?
You’re thunderstruck, this is what you say
You cannot believe a simple safety valve
Could have changed the story
It did
Don’t tell me you forgot all about your last dreams
They woke you up with a taste of xylene in your mouth
And you appreciated it